Area Attractions

SS Red Oak Victory

The Victory ship SS Red Oak Victory was built in Richmond Kaiser Shipyard # 1, and launched on November 9, 1944. It was one of 414 Victories built during World War II, but one of only a few of these ships to be transferred from the Merchant Marine to the U.S. Navy. The Red Oak Victory served as an ammunition ship in the South Pacific during WWII. The ship was named for the town of Red Oak, Iowa, which suffered the highest per capita casualty rate of any American community during World War II.

Wildcat Canyon Regional Park

Wildcat Canyon Regional Park encompasses 2,789 acres along the Wildcat Creek watershed and the surrounding hills and ridges. The park extends from the Tilden Nature Area above the Berkeley hills in the south to historic Alvarado Park at the north end in Richmond.

Point Isabel

There are beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin County and Brooks Island from this popular 23 acre park located at the west end of Central Avenue in Richmond. There are 20 more acres at North Point Isabel, which is located across the Hoffman Channel. Also, there are more than 2.5 miles of San Francisco Bay Trail in the vicinity of the park. A unique feature at Point Isabel is the special rules that allow dogs to be off-leash, but under the voice control of their owner, throughout the park. Well over one million visitors come to the park each year, most of them with their dogs.

Miller Knox Regional Park

Miller Knox Regional Park is steeped in local history as it is named after two famous Richmond figures and state politicians. The park borders the waterfront so you will have stunning views over the Bay Area here. Miller Knox Regional Park spans 307 acres of prime promenade, so with that in mind popular activities here make the most of the park’s location on the water and you can try your hand at fishing, swimming, or even boating. If you prefer to stay on dry land then you can enjoy the many trails that loop around the area.

Richmond Bay Trail

One of the premium attractions in the area, the Richmond Bay Trail makes up part of what will be a 500 mile section of trails in the Bay Area that will stretch past San Pablo and San Francisco. The trails that skirt along Richmond Bay have stunning views and are a great choice if you want to get in some hiking while you are in the area. The Richmond Bay Trail is also a favorite with bikers, so you can also take in the breathtaking landscape in that way if you prefer. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to bring your camera to capture the stunning scenery here, as you will be treated to panoramic views over the bay.

World War II Home Front National Historical Park

Richmond used to be well known for the Richmond Shipyards which during the Second World War produced more ships than anywhere else in the entire United States. As such there was and still is a huge amount of pride in the ship building industry here, and you can see the best of this at the World War II Home Front National Historical Park. This includes the Rosie the Riveter Memorial which started life as an art project in the 1990s and has now become a symbol of World War Two veterans and all those who have given their life to service.

The Richmond Art Center

If you are interested in the arts scene in Richmond then head to the Richmond Art Center which was founded in 1936 by Hazel Salmi and where you will find a range of rotating exhibits that feature the best of the local artwork in the East Bay area. Not just limited to paintings, you can expect to find sculptures, textiles, and pottery on show here, and if you want to get in on the act then you can take one of the many classes and workshops here. These include fun projects such as silk-screening and even jewelry making, so if you are feeling artistic this is a great place to come.

Lucretia Edwards Shoreline Park

Lucretia Edwards was famous in the Richmond area for being a famous conservationist and the Lucretia Edwards Shoreline Park was opened in her honor. The park spans two acres along the coast and is known for its manicured lawns and grassy knolls, as well as its picnic area and playgrounds. The park also features local artwork in honor of the Bay Area Shipyards which contributed greatly to the war effort during the Second World War.

The Richmond Municipal Natatorium

As temperatures rise you may be looking for ways to cool off in Richmond, and if that is the case then head over to the Richmond Municipal Natatorium. The venue is also known as The Plunge and this indoor swimming pool was first opened in 1926. It has been renovated in recent years and now includes observation decks, solar panels that heat up the water, and a signature feature in the form of an open-truss ceiling.

Richmond Museum of History

For a tour of all the history of the region, look no further than the Richmond Museum of History. Dedicated to showcasing the best of the local heritage here, the museum has a host of both permanent and temporary exhibitions and you can also take in special elements of the museum such as its photographic gallery. This consists of a large collection of antique photographs that depict Richmond from the 1920s until the 1950s so that you can see how the streets and city have changed over the years.
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